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Case Study:

Amgine Technology

Sector: Travel AI


  • Lead the development of a 3-year revenue forecast to support a Series A raise

  • Work collaboratively with Monitor Deloitte who was completing complementary, adjacent work for the client


  • Adapted our existing revenue frameworks in order to capture unique variables in the client's business model and marketplace

  • Conducted a detailed SWOT on incumbent companies and labored over the shape of the "S" adoption curve the client would "likley" travel and the one they would "like" to travel to success

  • Froze the 2 key growth variables around which we calculated 2 revenue forecast likelihoods

  • Ran methodical stress tests to confirm the models viability overall, and its utility in ongoing scenario analyzes



  • The revenue forecast was a critical part of a successful $5M USD raise

  • The revenue forecast modelling and the rigorously researched assumptions, convinced several investors and family offices of the forecast's accuracy

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